Satellite Program Teaching Artist for Piano (Grades K2 - 2nd)

School Outreach

Close Date
25 Jan 2019

Summary of Position:

Community Music Center of Boston is seeking a dynamic piano teaching artist for a partnership with a private elementary school after school program (St. Theresa in West Roxbury). The teaching artist will lead a creative instrumental program for grades K2-2. The class should strongly focus on introductory music literacy and include a diverse repertoire from all genres and styles.


As part of a comprehensive partnership effort, Community Music Center of Boston artistic staff will provide support in terms of curriculum design, professional development and supervision. 

Status: Part-Time     

Start Date: January 2019 -- Anticipated through June 2019

Teaching schedule: After School hours 1 afternoon per week from 2:30 – 3:30 PM (Note: School is located in West Roxbury)

Reports to: Community Engagement Manager

Works Closely With: Site Coordinator, Community Engagement Manager, School Partner Teachers and Staff



 1. Accountability for Student Achievement:

  • Sets ambitious learning goals for all students, creates cognitively demanding tasks, and models the belief that that all students can master challenging material through effective effort.
  • Passionate and optimistic about their students, their content, and the teaching profession.


2.    Communicating Content Knowledge:

  • Demonstrates mastery content pedagogy.
  • Demonstrates understanding of cross-curricular connections.
  • Can convey content in a creative and engaging ways that aligns with standards.


3.    Equitable & Effective Instruction 

  • Scaffolds and differentiates instruction in order for all students to do complex thinking and rigorous academic work.
  • Uses instructional practices that are likely to challenge, motivate, and engage all students and facilitate equitable, active student participation.
  • Builds a productive learning environment where every student participates and is valued in the class community.
  • Actively creates and maintains an environment in which students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected

4. Cultural Proficiency:

  • Actively creates and maintains an environment in which students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected

5 Parent/Family Engagement:

  • Engages with families and builds collaborative, respectful relationships with them in service of student learning
  • Able to communicate as needed with families regarding tuition, schedule changes and dismissal.
  • Safely execute dismissal procedures on a daily basis


6. Professional Reflection & Collaboration:

  • Regularly reflects on practice, seeks and responds to feedback, and demonstrates self-awareness and commitment to continuous learning and development
  • Seeks to participate in and contribute to a collaborative adult learning community


Specific Responsibilities:

  • Teach 1 rehearsal periods per week for the full 2018-2019 school year,
  • Engage groups of students and promote a sense of teamwork in an encouraging and structured environment.
  • Plan age-appropriate lessons and rehearsals that meet the needs of students.
  • Employ repertoire that engage multiple teaching modalities.
  • Manage student behaviors consistently in a proactive manner that mirrors school protocols.
  • Communicate with and coordinate with partner agency staff to create a comprehensive curriculum and classroom experience for students.
  • Work towards culminating performances that showcases student learning.

To Apply:

Please upload your resume to

If attaching a cover letter, please direct to:

Marie Tai, Chief Operations Officer 

Please no walk-ins, phone calls or emails.


Community Music Center of Boston is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer